Artlandia SymmetryWorks

Artlandia SymmetryWorks 6.1

SymmetryWorks is a plug-in for making repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator

Artlandia SymmetryWorks is a plug-in for making repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you are an experienced professional or a student, SymmetryWorks empowers you to create pattern designs a hundred times faster, better, and more imaginatively—like NO other software does. This is the tool of choice for surface and textile designers, interior decorators, stationery developers, web designers, illustrators, sculptors, fine artists, and everyone who creates patterns.

Save hours of work and painstaking effort. With SymmetryWorks, your motif is hot-linked to the pattern. Edit the motif and the pattern rebuilds instantly. All the necessary rotations, reflections, and other transformations are applied automatically behind the scenes. It's like you magically edit dozens of elements at once.

Main Features :
- Creating patterns with a click
- Interactive editing
- Easy adding of new objects
- One-click changing of symmetry
- Replicas (live copies)
- All popular repeat systems
- Layouts (pattern templates)
- Wide support for Illustrator objects
- Support for raster images
- Automatic generation of multiple replica copies

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